Walker, Texas

Trials for Will

Lawrence deputizes some NPCs and PCs to check out the Marshall, including the doctor. Weapons and ammo are distributed amongst. 

Larry and Moose enter the Marshall’s room with the doc, Don Jean and Rutherford following. The Marshall is dead. 

The bikers have discovered their bikes are disabled, and very upset. 

There is a bit of a confrontation where the bikers threaten to come back the next day. The Sheriff tells them all crimes will be investigated. Don Jean wisely suggests that they pre-emptively strike, but everyone gets distracted by saving populace. 

Eric is left behind to gather populace at the Police Station and save people in houses. A small party heads out to the three farms to see how the Nurse is doing with the sick people. They’ll check out the Stevens Farm, the Mathis Farm and the Smith Farm. 

Don Jean has a sharp conversation about supplies on the tour bus. Most of the food is gone, some booze is left and a tiny bit of weed as well. 

The party loads up into an official police Bronco and his personal pickup truck. They drive through the darkness up some steep graded gravel roads towards the ranches and farms. 

The night is dark. Every radio station on the truck is static. 

From off to the left, to the south, a very loud rumbling noise drifts in from the distance. Don Jean puts his flashlight out the side window and picks up thousands of eyes in the distance. A massive herd of Elk are charging out of the forest towards our vehicles. 

Just before they hit, it’s clear that they’re foaming at the mouth, run beyond lather. They are utterly terrified, smashing into the vehicles. Rutherford takes a hit and keeps the pickup upright, dodging through and making it out of the herd. Sherrif Lawrence… doesn’t do quite as well. The Bronco is hit full on the side by the elk, putting it up onto two wheels and then rolled over and into a ditch. 

The doctor and Don Jean are bruised right up, but the Sheriff is badly injured, taking a wound from the impact of the steering wheel and broken glass. 

The Bronco is badly damaged, probably isn’t going to run any time soon. The pickup is in a muddy ditch. 

As we gather to discuss the situation, we hear rustling in the bushes and limbs cracking – as well as a gurgling growl.  Moose and Don Jean and the Sheriff push the Pickup, attempting to get the vehicle up out of the ditch. It just keeps sliding back in. 

Moose looks over and sees a huge, terrifying bear rush from the bushes by the side of the road. It is frothing at the mouth, chopped up and has unblinking white eyes. It stands 9 feet tall and roars a disgusting bloodied howl. 

They push again as the sheriff heads to the Bronco to grab the shotgun. As the bear is rushing towards the truck, it finally leaves the ditch and the party leaps into the back. 

Rutherford quickly leans out the window and snaps off a shot at the Zombear’s head, blowing it to smithereens, but somehow the bear’s brain doesn’t quite blow out it’s head. The Sheriff finishes it off and the pickup leaves the Bronco behind and travels on to the Steven’s Farm. 

The pickup truck stops and honks it’s horn. After a few minutes, Pete Stevens stands at the door, his wife Grace nearby. His son Clinton headed out to the Mathis farm with Will to treat the sickness. 

Pete and Grace talk about having seen nationwide problems AND issues in Texas. They’re heading into town with their sons while the Rescue Group heads out to the Mathis Farm. 

On the approach to the Mathis Farm: off the side of the road are cries for help. Moose yells “I’m here! I’ll help!” and bolts out of the truck towards the sound. 

Rutherford slams the brakes and initiative begins. 

A small out-building is besieged by zombies, with people inside begging for relief. Elijah and Mary, Zakariah Mathis’s 20-something children are barricaded inside. 

The Sheriff shouts to the Canniblists, “Halt! You are under arrest – if you’re sick or injured, we can provide medical attention.” 

They are truly, insanely sick. But moving slightly differently than the infected from earlier – they’re moving slower, even less conscious than those infected earlier. 

The Sheriff’s orders are ignored. Moose and Don Jean murder three of the zombies before anyone can act. Sheriff Larry tries to arrest the zombie, ordering Moose to restrain himself. 

Moose trips the zombie, right onto the ground – it hits the ground like a drunk, rotting toddler. The Sheriff moves forward and flips the zombie, arresting him and Mirandizing him. The zombie is a stranger. 

Elija and Mary Mathis are alive, Mary is incredibly gorgeous. Don Jean charms Mary, with the help of Moose. 

The kids were out hunting, and ran into the canniblists and hid in the shed. 

The doctor takes a look at the Prisoner. The Sheriff wants to use the outbuilding as a jail cell. 

The Doctor examines the Prisoner: no pulse, no heartbeat, apparent mortal wounds and a decay that indicates about two days of death. 

There is a tense exchange between the Sheriff and Don Jean about vigilante action. The doctor is muttering, irritated, telling Rutherford that it seems like those bodies have been dead for days, yet they’re still walking around. 

The Mathis Farm, even in the darkness, is clearly a “Big House”, with three large barns on the property. 

Zakariah Mathis is an ex Baptist preacher. He is VERY religious and his kids are talking seriously about Bible Verses, but some news of the farm is gathered: Farm Hands were ill and the Nurse and Clinton came through. It sounds like this morning Will was fine. 

Moose is hungry. 

Pulling up to the house, Zakariah is set on the porch (at 7am) and his wife is rocking next to him. 

Zakariah and his brood are a difficult neighbor to have. They only really come into town for provisions. 

The Sheriff and Zakariah discuss the so called “End of Days”, the dead rising to eat the living, the sun refusing to rise. 

Lexi is finishing up in the kitchen. "The Nurse feller came out yesterday, heard the Smith Ranch folk were also sick and took the unwell up there to care for them all."

Zakariah provides some food + coffee, sends us on  our way. He suggests that we come back through to trade provisions later on if we pass through town. 

Mary thinks she recognizes Don Jean, maybe from the TV. She’s doing her best to keep him around the farm. 

The truck heads towards the Smith Ranch and everyone involves in the rescue feels… drowwwsy. 

The Sheriff insists that everyone keeps driving towards the Ranch. They arrive, drugged and groggy from the Religious Food. 

The Ranch is in flames. Over 50 cattle lay dead in the field. 

A barn with a grain silo sits nearby. 

Rutherford asks the Sheriff what they should do – the Sheriff says “honk on the horn to try to get attention of the residents” and Rutherford does so. 

Examination of the cows suggests that they’ve all been shot. 

The pickup pulls into the Barn and the door closed, then tries to figure out how to get Don Jean into a safe place to sleep. Everyone is realllly groggy. 

Don is stashed in the pickup. The rest of the party heads up the ladder into the hay loft. 

As we pass out, the last thing we hear is a truck engine in the distance. 

OUR DREAM: Hands on our bodies. Sack over our head. A struggle. 

We all wake up in a cell. Don Jean is annoyed to find himself in a Mexican prison AGAIN. Rutherford wouldn’t put it past em. 

Rutherford, Sheriff and Doctor are in one cell across the way from Don Jean and Moose’s cell. 

There is another cell. A whisper says, “Are you guys awake?” 

It’s Will. He says “keep it down.” 

The Zakariah “sick farmhands” story was a lie. Will was drugged when he and Clinton arrived at the compound. Will hasn’t seen Clinton since they took him out of the cell awhile back. 

Will thinks we’re imprisoned at the Mathis farm. Sheriff sniffs Will and tries to make a guess at how long he’s been imprisoned. There’s sometimes guards coming through with baseball bats held by big boys. 

Moose bangs on the door, trying to break loose.  Rutherford picks some locks and sneaks into an empty cell to hide – but Will is in there! A door opens and smells of food waft down the hall. MOOSE IS HUNGRY! Moose throws a bible at Zakariah. 

BONK! Right in the chest. Ow! Zakariah has a cold, heartless stare. 

Zakariah refers to his prisoners as “livestock”. He is armed with a pistol. The prison door smashes loose under sustained pressure of The Moose. 


Zakariah shouts encouragement – he has been talking to God, and God told him he must do what he must do to find salvation, even if it means rising up to eat our own!! He has showed us the meat that we are to consume!! 

This is especially chilling, given the earlier invitation to trade vegetables for meat. 

Moose is Loose, joker’s wild, disarms one of the farm boys. MORE PREACHING

A bat connects with Moose’s head, bonking him hard.


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