Walker, Texas

And it begins

Day 1

Due to military blockades, characters find themsleves waylaid in the tiny town of Walker, Texas for a few days.  

  • Don Jean: Parks tour bus in front of church and tries to get the priest annoyed with him. 
  • Moose: 'Stays' at the motel.  Mostly wanders town talking to anyone who will listen.  Hoping for anyone to practice hockey with / warm up / work out / or just play to bide the time.
  • Rutherford: Stays at hotel.  Most time spent in gun and tackle shop talking shop.  Can't help but befriend the overly affable Moose. 
  • Fran: Spends almost all her time in her hotel room.  Befriends (and pays) a teenage boy to get her food and suplies from the local store and diner

Third night finds everyone in the Roadhouse Tarvern.  Some 'bad soup' seems to have half the patrons 'dying' of food poisoning.  Turns much worse than that as reports of people biting each other reaches them.  All hell breaks loose as some of the sicker patrons take to eating the others.  

Rutherford shows off his head hunting chops.  Don Jean protects his bitches and blows many a 50 caliber hole in the floor, walls, and occasional assailant.  Moose smashes the attackers with an oaken chair learning almost to late to aim for their heads. And Fran fishes a shotgun out of her duffelbag and has no problem killing even the feeblest of ghasts.

Left Off With The Front Door Being Nearly Broken Down, Sam Bitten And Bleeding, And Most Others Huddled Against The Stage Wall Looking For Leadership.


brenton_iversen gubs

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