Laxtax "Moose" Sasakamoose

"Say 'Eskimo' again... I dare you!"



Moose is a 22 year old, 6’7” tall, 260lb, inuit hockey player. He played a defenseman for the Alaska Aces for the past 3 years and is en route to Dallas for the Stars tryouts this week. He rarely stops talking, is slow to anger, and a near unstoppable force once enraged.

Hindrances: Clueless, All thumbs, Big mouth
Edges: Brawny, Berserk

Agility: 4
Smarts : 4
Spirit: 6
Strength: 8
Vigor: 10



Laxtax spent his adolescent years in the city of Unalaska on Amaknak Island until his father moved the family to Anchorage for a job opportunity. His father, Aassanaaq, was killed in a lumberyard accident when Laxtax was 12 and his oldest brother, Tiqriganiaannig, who was 18 at the time stepped up to care for his 4 siblings.

His 2 brothers (Muktuk and Tiqriganiaannig) and 2 sisters (Anik and Osha) bullied and resented him for their mother, Takhayuna’s, death – she died giving birth to him. He’s used to taking a beating and picked up rambling to annoy them while they accosted him.

He took to ice skating from a very early age to escape his caustic home and his size lent itself quickly to hockey. He’s known for his explosive outbursts on the ice and has on multiple occasions sent rival players to the hospital.

He is extremely excited at the chance to leave his home and make a name for himself in Texas


Laxtax "Moose" Sasakamoose

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