Walker, Texas

Heading into town

Townperson Casualties: 

  • Billy’s Sister, Betsy Ross
  • Billy’s Mom
  • Nell and Ted Bindee 
  • Chet & Ruth McKale 
  • Ed from Ed’s Garage 

Upcoming casualty: 

  • Sam’s dad is bit (twice) 

Off camera deaths: 

  • Scott and Mary Kenner 

As we pause to take stock, trapped in the tavern by four zombies – Bob’s wife, Utka, is armed with a sniper rifle and communicating with us by radio.  She’s locked on the roof, and needs a hand out. 

Arguments ensue. Eventually everyone agrees to travel as a group through downtown. As we enter the heart of the main street we hear Harley type bikes peel out, and a few people notice a leather clad biker taking cover behind a car, with a shotgun. 

A tense conversation ensues – the Sheriff says that there’s a biker gang leader being moved through town, and he’s in the motel. The biker is yelling for us to stay back. Moose bravely(?) insists he needs to get into his room and he won’t be a problem at all.  

Don Jean tries to talk the bikers down, but moments later we hear “Now boss!” from that direction and sound of automatic fire and bullet impacts. 

The owner of the motel staggers out, all zombie’d up. 


Moose slapshots the motel zombie back into the motel! The Rabble forms into some semblance of a party.  Moose goes toe to rotten toe with shamblers, while Rutherford and Earl shoot bits and pieces off a ton of zombies.  When Sam bites another sicky, Fran uses a stolen car to run him down (maybe also hitting a not-Canniblist.) 

A window shatters inside the motel and a voice from the far end yells “looks like you have your hands full with those things – why not just let us get outta here alone?” 

More zombie fighting ensues. 

A bigger, tougher looking biker emerges from the motel with an assault rifle and yells “Now I’m just going to be leaving, I’d like to do so unmolested.” 

The Sheriff yells, “What happened to Marshall Johnson? You may not leave – you’re under arrest!” 

Don Jean yells “We should pull together in a crisis, because people are eating each other and that’s not cool!” 

Townspeople Casualties: 

  • Ruth of the Tavern. 
  • Random civilian

Zombies fight townsfolk. Moose gets stuck in at the motel fighting the chained up zombies. 

Rutherford and Don Jean leads a group into Bullseye Guns and Ammo. The bikers are locked out and in combat with the zombies. 

Fran is reunited with her bike! She disables the Bad Biker Gangers bikes and mounts up. She pauses to disable the Harleys parked behind the gas station. 

The bikers and Moose eliminate the final zombie threats. 

As everyone is taking stock, Fran goes zipping off down the road with Billy, her toolkit and the Coach Bag on the back of her bike. 

Moose starts negotiating with Bob in the gun store. “Should I come in? Should I go to the diner?” 

Bob doesn’t trust the bikers, won’t let them in. But there was a deal – Bob owes them some ammunition. 

The bikers get their stuff and want to get back to their Friends / Family. But… 

And then power for the whole area goes out. Holy shit it is dark in the wilderness at night. 

Moose heads to the diner to see if he can make some food options. And also a cleaver + whetstone. 

From near Ed’s Gas an angry yell of “Oh what the FUCK?” is shouted. The bikers have discovered their bikes. 

 Junior talks with Bob about getting into the diner to eat perishables before they go bad. There is a discussion about what buildings in town are worth looting, exploring. 


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